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Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

Subject:typical hater
Time:2:13 pm.
so I have a lot of anonymous haters, who generally leave the most juvenile comments on either blog posts about me or through (more rarely) ichat/aim. I've heard a myriad of reasons for people hating me, some of the most absurd really make no sense, such as on person I heard hated me just because I called myself "Johnny Love". I've had every possible rumor be spread about me (I have AIDS is especially popular). So this conversation below is nothing really new, I dont really get bothered by stuff like it anymore and instead just get amused, so check these conversations out and stay tuned for the twist:

AIM IM with rainontheplanes9/28/09 7:41 PM
rainontheplaneshi there
rainontheplaneswhats up?
who are you
rainontheplanesits jen
what jen
rainontheplanesi want u to pop my hymen
rainontheplanesand pee in my butt
you know this works out one of two ways
you tell me who you are or i block you and then you cant have fun trying to bother me anymore
rainontheplanesits jen
youre not the only jen in the fucking world moron
rainontheplanesexcuse me? why would u talk to me like that?!
who the fuck are you
rainontheplanesjen jen

thats the first name I blocked, 5 seconds later I get another IM

9/28/09 7:48 PM
popfonics100you are a no- talent, hack loser scumbag piece of shit date-rapist, u have 10 std's and if i ever see you in person I'm going to beat the living shit out of you
good luck
popfonics100u are ugly as fuck
popfonics100and youre a fucking loser
popfonics100fuck you
big loser thats me
tell me on the internet how youre going to beat me up
makes me very scared
popfonics100i know where you hang out
i know where you live
popfonics100johhny youre a fucking dork
im telling your parents to revoke your internet privledges
popfonics100u are a washed up never-was
popfonics100u are a JOKE
cant be washed up if i never was
popfonics100you are suck a JOKE
popfonics100its PATHETIC how much of a loser u are
suck a joke?
cant be that much of a loser if strangers feel the need to tell me anonymously on the internet that im pathetic
popfonics100u have AIDS
i got it from your gf
popfonics100u are ugly and u have shitty taste in music
sure am
popfonics100u are a fucking scumbag loser
popfonics100how many dicks have u sucked today?
im waiting for something creative to come out of you
ill give you a few more tries before im officially bored and block you
popfonics100im coming to your dj party tonite
oh yeah?
are your parents letting you out of the house?
are they giving you bus fare or are you borrowing your moms car
popfonics100moms car
popfonics100im gonna eat ur dirty butt hole
make sure you fill it up with gas before you take it back home or else mom wont let you take the car out next time
popfonics100k thanks
just lookin out for you
popfonics100u da best
i know
popfonics100do u want to be in my crew?
pretty please
popfonics100im in the 77 punx
oh yeah?
popfonics100yeah we're punk as fuck
whats your punk name
popfonics100insidious scab
thats not very punk rck
popfonics100what the fuck would u know about punk rock
popfonics100ur just a long haired hippie
cmon now
i hate hippies
popfonics100then why do u look like one and dress like one?
alright youre not even funny anymore
who are you
if you dont give me a real answer ill just block you
popfonics100youll find out at your next gig
popfonics100when u get a cinderblock smashed on ur head
youre gonna drive all the way to minneapolis??
popfonics100u have a big nose
your mom is letting you stay out over night?
popfonics100yeah duh
are you mad because i blocked your other screenname?
popfonics100u are such a nerd
rain on the planes? what kinda fag shit name is that
well, what kinda fag shit is pop fonics 100
popfonics100oh like your sn is soo much better
popfonics100seriously, get a hair cut and a nose job and call me in the morning
ok send me your number
popfonics100why do u want my number
you want me to call you in the morning
popfonics100i dunno im too scared that youll date rape me
popfonics100your kinda notorious for it
thats my favorite
gay date rape
popfonics100god, i cant wait to see what ur gonna be like after u turn 30
popfonics100your gonna be SUCH a loser
the same
ok im gonna block you byebye
popfonics100 has gone offline.

that one was a little more to the point, but clearly it was the same person, so thats the 2nd named I blocked, another 5 seconds later

AIM IM with Dreem Factory9/28/09 8:11 PM
Dreem Factoryhey there
get a life
Dreem Factoryum what?
Dreem Factorythis is megan
Dreem Factoryi wanna f you
Dreem Factory???
3 SNs? really
Dreem Factoryare your parents proud of you?
Dreem Factory has gone offline.

3rd SN blocked, this person clearly has too much time on their hands

AIM IM with conanismyhomeboy9/28/09 8:18 PM
conanismyhomeboygod, I bet your mom is such a cracked-out whore
4 SNs to harass me, whos the loser now
conanismyhomeboyu wouldnt know what underground is if it came on ur face
conanismyhomeboy has gone offline.

4th SN, now, everytime I get a random IM from someone I dont know, I google the name, the first 3 had no results, but googling "conanismyhomeboy" revealed a plethora of online journals, myspace links, and most importantly photos, at this point, I set my privacy settings so that only people on my buddy list could contact me and started wallowing in all the embarassing information about this girl that I had just discovered (google conanismyhomeboy to see for yourself)  after I had gathered enough information, I changed my privacy settings back to normal and not even ONE second later I get the 5th SN IMing me, oh btw this is what she looks like:

being the sadistic son of a bitch that I am and finally being given the opportunity to get back at cowards who hide behind anonymity to make baseless threats etc I went full steam ahead and gave her a taste of her own medicine, as soon as I thought I had done enough, I asked her to tell me what compelled her to messaged me from 5 different screen names to say such ridiculous shit to me, read below to see.

AIM IM with CoitalSession9/28/09 8:24 PM
CoitalSessionIm gonna get you johnny
CoitalSessionI know where u DJ
ok fatso
CoitalSessionoooh, fatso, good one
got you
samantha j home
20 years old
born july 4th
cubs fan
5 SNs to harass me
did you think i was cute when i lived in chicago?
and i never paid attention to you because youre a cow?
uh oh
does that hurt?
no more anonymity
that sucks huh
how typical that its a bovine mess such as yourself that has the time to IM me from 5 different SNs
are you still a virgin?
ofcourse you are
thats why you think the best insult to say is that i have aids
and that im a date rapist
i bet you wish someone would dose you and fuck you
you'd finally get some!
atleast now i know that i'd see you coming a mile away
big girl like yourself
you cant even get into my parties
aw cmon
now youre not gonna say anything clever?
make fun of my mom again
that works
or tell me im a loser
i bet youre fatter than you were in that photo too
CoitalSessionwhat photo?
you HAD to be from illinois didnt you
you sad pathetic hater
i havent lived in illinois for 4 years
and you still felt the need to make 5 screennames to try to harass me
CoitalSessionwhats wrong with illinois?
use the energy you expended on me
and run a mile everyday
maybe you'll lose some weight
maybe boys will like yo
please? more cheesecake?
i think youve had enough
wipe the cheetos off your fingers
type something clever again samanthah omer
oh and you go to depaul
hows your dad doing?
cmon fat ass
say something clever
CoitalSessionim not fat
CoitalSessionyou are
and you win again
not fat?
whats that?
i think i see a double chin
carefully hidden with a myspace angle
oh youre 21 now
youd think you have more of a life
now that you can get into clubs
maybe someone will be drunk enough to go home with you
male human i should specify
CoitalSessionhow did u get that pic?
listen samantha fat ass homer 21 years old july 4th 1988 cubs fan goes to depaul
i wish you were a guy
because i'd have fun knocking your teeth out
as it stands
youre a fat cow of a girl
so that makes you even more pathetic
i've got you from all sides
what the fuck is wrong with people? people need to learn to grow the fuck up and understand and except that not everyone is like them. the thing that angers me the most is that people dont even realize that they make fun of others because THEY are the ones who are really insecure. just because you are insecure doesnt give you a right to make fun of others. it just doesnt.
sound familiar?
written friday april 30th 2004
CoitalSessionum ok
god youve made my week
im going to save all this
and show my friends
this is so funny
i was literally howling with laughter
you sad sad cow
cmon you stupid silly bitch you wont talk shit now that youve been found out?
are you crying?
contemplating suicide?
contemplating dieting?
CoitalSessionok later
dont leave me
im having so much fun
nice SN too
coital session
whens the last time you had one of those
so, im going to give you an opportunity to get off easy with this
what spurred you to randomly IM me tonight of all nights and talk all his ridiculous nonsense
if you give me an answer that is to my satisfaction ill stop making fun of you
but if you dont
well, its only a matter of time before i find out your phone number
and then
where you live
and who you hangout with
and coincidentally im going back to chicago tomorrow
and really, im going to have fun ruining your life
CoitalSessionu tried to have sex with my friend
CoitalSessionand i got mad
how many years ago
so 2 years ago
i tried to have sex with your friend
and 2 years later you IM me
coincidentally i didnt live in chicago 2 years ago
so thats unlikely
so continue
CoitalSessionat smart bar
who is your friend
cmon now
doesnt take that long to type
dont know a megan
dont remember a megan
didnt meet a megan at smartbar
probably wasnt at smartbar 2 years ago
so what makes you IM me about me trying to have sex with your friend at smartbar 2 years ago
CoitalSessioni dunno i was bored
is there something wrong with trying to have sex with your friend megan at smartbar 2 years ago
did i date rape your friend megan
i need quicker responses if im going to uphold my end of the bargain
CoitalSessionu were drunk and being a jerk
were you there
how could you have been
you were 19
CoitalSessioni had a fake
fakes dont get into smartbar
who is your friend megan i dont even remember any megans
CoitalSessionslim brunette
do you have any idea how many slim brunettes i know
how do you think i have 10 STDs
and AIDS
my last girlfriend was a slim brunette model for chrissakes
i need more details
CoitalSessionim sorry ok?
well at this point thats not gonna cut it like i said
i need satisfaction
and i want to know what compels a hater of mine to go to such lengths to try to harass me
i want to delve into your psyche
who is your friend megan
CoitalSessionjust a girl u dont remember her
whats her last name
are you lying to me?
are you sure
CoitalSessionwhy would u remember her? it was 2 years ago and everyone was drunk
why would you harass me 2 years after i hit on your friend
CoitalSessionbecause i thought u were cocky
so for 2 years
youve been stewing on this
really? why?
CoitalSessioni dunno cause im depressed
do you have my face on your wall and throw darts at it?
CoitalSessionha no
how did you find my SN
how long have you had my SN on your buddy list
CoitalSessioni found it today
so i popped in your head today
because youre depressed and decided to insult me?
did it make you feel better
CoitalSessiona little
how did you feel when i figured out who you are
CoitalSessioni dont understand how u figured it out
why did you think saying you were a 77 would scare me
CoitalSessionbecause they beat up people
yeah and you know what else
they worked for me when i lived in chicago
CoitalSessionoh cool
did your friend megan sleep with me
CoitalSessioni dont think so
do you still talk to her
CoitalSessionnot really
why not
CoitalSessionwe grew apart
CoitalSessionshe moved to sf
where do you think i live
CoitalSessionhow should I know
CoitalSessionny? la?
are you going to go to minneapolis to smash me on the head with a cinderblock
why not
CoitalSessionits a stupid idea
sounds as stupid as IMing someone 2 years after they hit on your friend
who was playing at smartbar
who was playing smartbar
CoitalSessionu were
no way
i didnt play smartbar 2 years ago
CoitalSessionit was 80's stuff
i dont play 80s stuff
CoitalSessionmaybe it was someone else
CoitalSessioni dont remember
CoitalSessionlisten im really sorry ok?
9:23 PM
CoitalSession has gone offline.

so basically, I hit on this girls friend, while we were all drunk, at a club night I was djing, 2 years ago.  This girl has stewed for 2 years over this interaction that probably didnt last 15 minutes, and decided to insult me over the span of 30 min from 5 different screennames because she was bored and depressed.  Let that be a lesson, and it also goes to prove further the assumption that all haters hate out of jealousy.

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Sunday, December 9th, 2007

Subject:when will the creeps stop
Time:8:04 pm.
Do you know this person? Report IM Spam
Touch ma cantch: what up

j0hn3r0x0r5: hi
Touch ma cantch: this is chris markacek

j0hn3r0x0r5: whos that
Touch ma cantch: we went to school together i think
whats ur last name?

j0hn3r0x0r5: what do you think it is
Touch ma cantch: idk

j0hn3r0x0r5: then what makes you think we went to school together
Touch ma cantch: i dont know its been lk 4 to 5 years since iv been online
Touch ma cantch: well atleast on aol

Touch ma cantch: did u go to mt.carmal high?
j0hn3r0x0r5: what does that have to do with goin to school with me
j0hn3r0x0r5: no
j0hn3r0x0r5: how did you find my sn
Touch ma cantch: i must have known u from lk high school or grammer
Touch ma cantch: did u go to washington grammer school?

j0hn3r0x0r5: no
Touch ma cantch: this is actualy chris's brother
j0hn3r0x0r5: great
Touch ma cantch: do u know his old band he had in hight school called right hand snatch?

j0hn3r0x0r5: how old are you
Touch ma cantch: im 13 but chris is lk 22
Touch ma cantch: im andy
j0hn3r0x0r5: how did you get my screenname
Touch ma cantch: i had to of known u from someplace
Touch ma cantch: A WHIIIIIIILE AGO
Touch ma cantch: well i wouldent know u chris would
Touch ma cantch: whats ur last name?
Touch ma cantch: i might know u but i dought it
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Sunday, November 4th, 2007

Subject:creepzone 4
Time:5:38 pm.
Jackattack206: sup dude!
j0hn3r0x0r5: hi
Jackattack206: oh yeah...... hey this is extremly random but uh have you ever met natalie portman?
j0hn3r0x0r5: who is this
Jackattack206: Jack S.
j0hn3r0x0r5: ?
Jackattack206: let me explain.....my brothers band name is Natalie Portman's Shaved Head and they are afraid of getting sewed so they want to contact her.
j0hn3r0x0r5: yeah getting sewed sucks
Jackattack206: haha yep
j0hn3r0x0r5: with the needles and stuff
j0hn3r0x0r5: sewed up
Jackattack206: sued
Jackattack206: sorry dude...
Jackattack206: i'm a complete dumbass anyway so you have or have not?
j0hn3r0x0r5: yeah we're best friends
Jackattack206: ok never mind thatnks for helping.
j0hn3r0x0r5: what?
j0hn3r0x0r5: im serious
Jackattack206: oh
j0hn3r0x0r5: i just had brunch with her yesterday
j0hn3r0x0r5: all us LA people know each other
Jackattack206: hahaha
Jackattack206: i woudnt know
Jackattack206: i don't live in La but for some reason i dont belive you
Jackattack206: I TOLD U
Jackattack206: you are from LA
j0hn3r0x0r5: do i know you
Jackattack206: i donno
Jackattack206: nope
j0hn3r0x0r5: why are you IMing me
Jackattack206: because for some reason i have your sn...
Jackattack206: you don't have to talk to me.
Jackattack206: you just click the X button
Jackattack206: but anyway i'mm off
Jackattack206: see ya.
Jackattack206 signed off at 5:37:21 PM.
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Friday, September 7th, 2007

Subject:creep zone 3
Time:1:49 pm.
sylvia cinta: hey you!
j0hn3r0x0r5: hi
sylvia cinta: where do you get
sylvia cinta: yr weird shirts from
sylvia cinta: ahah
j0hn3r0x0r5: the store
sylvia cinta: i know, im guessing you dont want to tell me
j0hn3r0x0r5: what shirts
sylvia cinta: the one like no justice
sylvia cinta: and the california raisons
j0hn3r0x0r5: thats a bad religion sirt
sylvia cinta: i like them lol
sylvia cinta: but what store did you get them at
j0hn3r0x0r5: dude
j0hn3r0x0r5: go to any store that has band shirts
sylvia cinta: hot topic? they usually dont have shit
sylvia cinta: hah
sylvia cinta: what about the bright purple hoody you have
sylvia cinta: it's tooo b.a
j0hn3r0x0r5: what
sylvia cinta: the purple hoody you have
sylvia cinta: where did u get it from?
j0hn3r0x0r5: are you forreal
j0hn3r0x0r5: its american apparell
sylvia cinta: lol
sylvia cinta: oh
sylvia cinta: and the calfornia raisons shirt?
sylvia cinta: that seems kinda like old school
sylvia cinta: and hard to find hah
j0hn3r0x0r5: vintage store
sylvia cinta: oh ok, your back in l,a?
j0hn3r0x0r5: no
sylvia cinta: oh where are u
j0hn3r0x0r5: montreal
sylvia cinta: oh how is it
j0hn3r0x0r5: oh
j0hn3r0x0r5: oh
j0hn3r0x0r5: oh
sylvia cinta: there isnt any shirts like ur shirt in the vintage store!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sylvia cinta: http://www.vintagetrends.com/images/lot/377/377-0033.jpg
sylvia cinta: i fucking want that
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Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Subject:creep part 2
Time:11:57 am.
mmsk mmsk mmsk: hello
j0hn3r0x0r5: hi
mmsk mmsk mmsk: how are you?
j0hn3r0x0r5: who is this
mmsk mmsk mmsk: i had a specific question for you earlier on the bus but its gone now
mmsk mmsk mmsk: mart from england
j0hn3r0x0r5: hi mart from england
mmsk mmsk mmsk: hi
mmsk mmsk mmsk: do you like myspace or do you think its getting kinda old now?
j0hn3r0x0r5: i like myspace
mmsk mmsk mmsk: im doing something new
mmsk mmsk mmsk: like a myspace crossed with yahoo local
mmsk mmsk mmsk: with a little more creativity to it
mmsk mmsk mmsk: what do you think?
j0hn3r0x0r5: ive never used yahoo
mmsk mmsk mmsk: i mean like local search type shit
mmsk mmsk mmsk: just like you can search for restaurants and stuff on there and review joints, that kind of thing
mmsk mmsk mmsk: but done in a cool way
mmsk mmsk mmsk: well anyways, are you for hire?
j0hn3r0x0r5: hire for what?
mmsk mmsk mmsk: like dj or whatever
j0hn3r0x0r5: yeah ofcourse
mmsk mmsk mmsk: coz were gonna throw some launch parties in LA
mmsk mmsk mmsk: you got any pull with clubs there?
j0hn3r0x0r5: yeah
mmsk mmsk mmsk: alright man well can i hit you up with some details and we can maybe do some business?
j0hn3r0x0r5: thats not up to me
j0hn3r0x0r5: you have to discuss that with my manager
mmsk mmsk mmsk: oh for real
mmsk mmsk mmsk: who that then?
j0hn3r0x0r5: lxs@echoparkrecords.com
mmsk mmsk mmsk: alright thanks, also do you know vincent gallo?
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Tuesday, August 7th, 2007

Subject:fuckin creeps
Time:9:47 pm.
Clemntines4jermy: aye johnny whats good ?
j0hn3r0x0r5: hi
Clemntines4jermy: do you get flowed free clothes from american apparel ?
j0hn3r0x0r5: who is this
Clemntines4jermy: just a fan from myspace
Clemntines4jermy: jeremy... ill add you now to see
Clemntines4jermy: k i added
Clemntines4jermy: but do you get flowed free clothes ?
j0hn3r0x0r5: yeah sometimes
Clemntines4jermy: ahh im jellin >.<
Clemntines4jermy: so whats been goin on lately ?
Clemntines4jermy: gettin hammered... nailin chicks ?
Clemntines4jermy: lol
Clemntines4jermy: can you tell me where you shop..i really dig your style
j0hn3r0x0r5: oh christ are you serious
Clemntines4jermy: uhh yea
Clemntines4jermy: you bugging out or something ?
Clemntines4jermy: im asian... help a bro out
Clemntines4jermy: maybe your style will kick in the ladies
j0hn3r0x0r5: is thi ssomeone playing a joke on me
Clemntines4jermy: noo
Clemntines4jermy: i swear.
Clemntines4jermy: look at my myspace
Clemntines4jermy: its 4real
Clemntines4jermy: nd where do you get your headphones
Clemntines4jermy: i can put you in my top... promote you n shit.. just tell me where you shop n where you get your headphones
Clemntines4jermy: my uncles the manager of the doobie brothers... if that helps haha

Auto response from j0hn3r0x0r5: creepy
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Thursday, July 26th, 2007

Subject:the nice thing about having a manager
Time:6:35 pm.
is playing pranks on him:

arevirsixela: what?
j0hn3r0x0r5: i need some of that australia money to pay for an abortion
arevirsixela: jesus christ
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahahahhahaha
arevirsixela: you fuck
arevirsixela: you are such a fucking cunt
j0hn3r0x0r5: no way
arevirsixela: jesus you scared me
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Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

Time:7:15 pm.
fuck it sucks being successful.
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Tuesday, March 6th, 2007

Time:10:18 pm.
i've made it.
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Sunday, January 21st, 2007

Subject:finally some entertainment
Time:5:41 am.
SKAgrl131 bm2: hey
SKAgrl131 bm2: johhny loath
SKAgrl131 bm2: let me just say that here in la you are nothing
j0hn3r0x0r5: thats me
Auto response from SKAgrl131 bm2: hearing what we want's the secret of eternal youth

SKAgrl131 bm2: so dont fuck with people
SKAgrl131 bm2: you just moved here
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahaha
j0hn3r0x0r5: who the fuck are you
SKAgrl131 bm2: and i repeat YOU ARE NOTHING
j0hn3r0x0r5: you must not be payin attention
SKAgrl131 bm2: someone who will probably shoot you
j0hn3r0x0r5: right
SKAgrl131 bm2: this isnt chicago
j0hn3r0x0r5: a ska fan
SKAgrl131 bm2: dont fuck with people you dont know
j0hn3r0x0r5: are you gonna skank me to death
j0hn3r0x0r5: i know who you are
SKAgrl131 bm2: people are alot tougher here then those fisting nerds in il
j0hn3r0x0r5: some fuckin chump who listens to ska
j0hn3r0x0r5: gimme a fuckin break
j0hn3r0x0r5: but realnice defending your fake hxc girl in chicago
j0hn3r0x0r5: you half ass wanker
j0hn3r0x0r5: gimme a fuckin break
j0hn3r0x0r5: you think i move somewhere i aint connected
j0hn3r0x0r5: dont make me laugh
SKAgrl131 bm2: thats all i need to say'
j0hn3r0x0r5: all i need to say to you
j0hn3r0x0r5: is it aint 95 no more
j0hn3r0x0r5: ska is over
SKAgrl131 bm2: im not going to explain myself to you you piece of discotheque trash
j0hn3r0x0r5: you fuckin lame shit
j0hn3r0x0r5: you dont gotta
j0hn3r0x0r5: americas next top fuck you
SKAgrl131 bm2: this sn is from 95
j0hn3r0x0r5: send your myspace friends after me
SKAgrl131 bm2: and thats all ill say
j0hn3r0x0r5: dumb cujnt
j0hn3r0x0r5: me, a nobody in la, from someone who listens to ska
j0hn3r0x0r5: it must be amateur hour oncomedy central over here
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahahaha
j0hn3r0x0r5: 20 years old
j0hn3r0x0r5: tryin to talk to me
j0hn3r0x0r5: come up to me in real life
j0hn3r0x0r5: so i can slap you in your mouth
j0hn3r0x0r5: and then crack in the skull whatever chump thinks he can defend your honour
SKAgrl131 bm2: k deal
j0hn3r0x0r5: dumb floozy bitch, hahahahaha
SKAgrl131 bm2: where do you deej at
SKAgrl131 bm2: fucker
j0hn3r0x0r5: then you can post about it in your lj
j0hn3r0x0r5: youre real cute
SKAgrl131 bm2: no im serious
SKAgrl131 bm2: id love to talk about you in my lj
j0hn3r0x0r5: watch out
SKAgrl131 bm2: thats a compliment
j0hn3r0x0r5: i might be the vampire on your dancefloor
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahahahah
j0hn3r0x0r5: youre rich
j0hn3r0x0r5: as in
j0hn3r0x0r5: hilarious
j0hn3r0x0r5: so today was probably one of the most stressful days of my life, but i think thats only because i havent been getting much sleep
j0hn3r0x0r5: maybe you should go to sleep honey
j0hn3r0x0r5: before you threaten us big dogs
SKAgrl131 bm2: ooo keep digging
j0hn3r0x0r5: i aint diggin
SKAgrl131 bm2: stick it in deep baby
SKAgrl131 bm2: make it hurt
j0hn3r0x0r5: youre dumb enough to make threats when you got lj and myspace links
j0hn3r0x0r5: i'd love to
SKAgrl131 bm2: keep going
SKAgrl131 bm2: harder
SKAgrl131 bm2: make it come
SKAgrl131 bm2: fast
j0hn3r0x0r5: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=6191905&imageID=1431977721
SKAgrl131 bm2: you could break my hymen
j0hn3r0x0r5: yikes
j0hn3r0x0r5: look at that face
j0hn3r0x0r5: i dont think i'd even look at you once if i saw you out
j0hn3r0x0r5: poor gal
j0hn3r0x0r5: anyway, i gotta get back to watchin some sopranos, have a nice night
j0hn3r0x0r5: good try though
SKAgrl131 bm2: cum all over it
SKAgrl131 bm2: then slit your wrists and bleed all over me
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahaha
SKAgrl131 bm2: and then die
SKAgrl131 bm2: yeah...?
j0hn3r0x0r5: you must have me confused with your other emo fuck friends
SKAgrl131 bm2: deal?
SKAgrl131 bm2: id fucking rip the shit out of you
j0hn3r0x0r5: go for it sweetcheeks
SKAgrl131 bm2: and stay the fuck away from laura
SKAgrl131 bm2: she thinks youre a joke
j0hn3r0x0r5: whoever the fuck that is
SKAgrl131 bm2: along with most people in chicago
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahah
j0hn3r0x0r5: lets get one thing straight
SKAgrl131 bm2: except for your cute electrorash friend
SKAgrl131 bm2: s
j0hn3r0x0r5: im the fuckin don
SKAgrl131 bm2: no one likes you really
j0hn3r0x0r5: i know
j0hn3r0x0r5: it makes me so sad inside
SKAgrl131 bm2: you might be getting your fair share of LA bitchsters
SKAgrl131 bm2: but thats it
j0hn3r0x0r5: its true
j0hn3r0x0r5: im an insignificant
j0hn3r0x0r5: what will i ever do
SKAgrl131 bm2: kill yourself
j0hn3r0x0r5: maybe ill move to new york where people hate me too
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahahaha
j0hn3r0x0r5: or maybe paris
SKAgrl131 bm2: or your mother
j0hn3r0x0r5: where they arent playin my tracks in all the clubs
j0hn3r0x0r5: nice try
j0hn3r0x0r5: all youre doin is encouraging me to fuck with your friends more
SKAgrl131 bm2: HAHAHAH
SKAgrl131 bm2: plan accomplished
SKAgrl131 bm2: ThAnXXX
SKAgrl131 bm2: xoxoxoox
j0hn3r0x0r5: u r welcumz
SKAgrl131 bm2: punk and fuck to ya!!!1
j0hn3r0x0r5: you mean ska
SKAgrl131 bm2: sure
SKAgrl131 bm2: 1234 1234
SKAgrl131 bm2: this really is from 95
SKAgrl131 bm2: i was 9 years old
j0hn3r0x0r5: too bad you still arent
j0hn3r0x0r5: maybe i'd be into raping you
SKAgrl131 bm2: awww
SKAgrl131 bm2: cute
SKAgrl131 bm2: so let me ask you this
SKAgrl131 bm2: do you have aids yet?
j0hn3r0x0r5: only niggers and faggots get aids
SKAgrl131 bm2: yeah i put my cigarette out in a gay guys eye at the aa meeting last night
SKAgrl131 bm2: and he has aids
SKAgrl131 bm2: and a rich daddy
j0hn3r0x0r5: great
j0hn3r0x0r5: i dont give a shit
j0hn3r0x0r5: go listn to mustard plug and fuck off elsewhere
SKAgrl131 bm2: i know so now im going back to chicago for a month til it blows over
SKAgrl131 bm2: noooooooooo
SKAgrl131 bm2: please care mr man
SKAgrl131 bm2: pleeeease
SKAgrl131 bm2: i NEED your johnny love
SKAgrl131 bm2: i could probably eat you for breakfast

i stopped responding, she got boring
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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

Time:7:50 pm.
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Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

Subject:my daily routine in LA
Time:12:22 pm.
just effing stfu: what r udoing
j0hn3r0x0r5: i just got back from biking
j0hn3r0x0r5: im about to go lay by the pool
just effing stfu: my firend and i are bored
just effing stfu: :-)
j0hn3r0x0r5: oh yeah?
just effing stfu: dou have acar?
j0hn3r0x0r5: no
just effing stfu: awwww
j0hn3r0x0r5: you wouldnt makeout with me anyway
j0hn3r0x0r5: why would i pick you guys up
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahaha
just effing stfu: so i dont have to pick you up
j0hn3r0x0r5: hahaha
just effing stfu: ughh
just effing stfu: come to melrose
just effing stfu: were drinkinbeer in coffee cups
j0hn3r0x0r5: im going to the pool
j0hn3r0x0r5: thats more fun
just effing stfu: it is not more fun~
j0hn3r0x0r5: yes it is
just effing stfu: FAGFAFG
just effing stfu: FAGFAG
j0hn3r0x0r5: what the hell is the melrose
just effing stfu: LOL :-)
j0hn3r0x0r5: some mall?
just effing stfu: MELROSE
just effing stfu: IS A STREET
j0hn3r0x0r5: i know
just effing stfu: upon which
j0hn3r0x0r5: i live at melrose and vine
just effing stfu: wait
just effing stfu: u moved?
just effing stfu: dude ure so close
j0hn3r0x0r5: thats where ive been since i got here
j0hn3r0x0r5: dummy
just effing stfu: what d ou have at the poolthere..dou have beer?
just effing stfu: u told me u lived in like echo park or something
j0hn3r0x0r5: unless one or both of you are making out/sleeping with me
j0hn3r0x0r5: youre not getting my anemities
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Monday, July 31st, 2006

Subject:no thanks
Time:12:22 pm.
so this broad tried to message me on friday, but i wasnt around, so she tried again today. needless to say, i dont know why fat chicks think they can talk to guys, seriously, do you think anyone who is atleast decent looking is gonna look past the fact that you're a wildebeest? read the convo:

[11:55] Fall right into: so anyway.
[11:56] j0hn3r0x0r5: ya
[11:56] Fall right into: hi
[11:56] j0hn3r0x0r5: who dis
[11:56] Fall right into: My name is Jenna
[11:57] j0hn3r0x0r5: k
[11:58] Fall right into: yes. so
[12:00] j0hn3r0x0r5: so, that doesnt tell mewho you are
[12:00] Fall right into: http://www.lipstickparty.com/profile.aspx?userID=938
[12:00] Fall right into: www.myspace.com/wtfjenna
[12:01] j0hn3r0x0r5: cool
[12:02] Fall right into: yep/
[12:06] Fall right into: cute, no?
[12:07] j0hn3r0x0r5: what makes you think im into overweight girls
[12:07] Fall right into: hahahahahaha.
[12:08] Fall right into: ouch.
[12:08] j0hn3r0x0r5: im serious, do you think youre fooling me? do you think your camera angles are gonna make me fall in love with a girl who live in seattle?
[12:08] Fall right into: those aren't even the good ones. i'm much photographically trickier in others.
[12:10] Fall right into: i don't want you to fall in love with me at all.
[12:11] Fall right into: p.s. ouch x 2.
[12:13] Fall right into: so, i see you're incapable of talking to someone else about common interests because you always think you need to give attention or think that everyone's in love with you. so have a good day.
[12:13] j0hn3r0x0r5: what common interests do you have with me
[12:13] Fall right into: i don't know yet, i was thinking me might get there instead of you calling me fat.
[12:13] j0hn3r0x0r5: you a fascist? are you into disco? are you into unprotected sex? are you into hand cut nova scotian lox?
[12:14] Fall right into: i don't know yet, i was thinking me might get there instead of you calling me fat.
[12:16] Fall right into: you're kind of a prick. i hope you already have a lot of friends, because you're really bad at making them. good bye.
[12:16] j0hn3r0x0r5: yeah, sorry im into into "e friends"dude
[12:18] Fall right into: then why do you have a makeoutclub profile.
[12:18] Fall right into: i claim bullshit, bro.
[12:19] j0hn3r0x0r5: to meet girls that are near me that are into letting me fuck them without a condom
[12:19] Fall right into: why.
[12:19] j0hn3r0x0r5: its one of my "interests"
[12:20] Fall right into: you're wasting my day. later.
[12:21] j0hn3r0x0r5: sorry to take away from your "eating fried twinkie" time
[12:21] Fall right into: that's not really that funny. or accurate.

ok bitch, i dont care if its accurate, im clearly just trying to make you kill yourself.
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Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

Time:11:03 pm.
j0hn3r0x0r5: bitchbitch
ianhixxx: is that a greeting?
j0hn3r0x0r5: yes
j0hn3r0x0r5: hows your phone
j0hn3r0x0r5: buy a new one you wanker
ianhixxx: i'm borrowing one from kara till i find one
j0hn3r0x0r5: wannnnkkkkkeeerrrrrr
j0hn3r0x0r5: quit bein cheap

ianhixxx: life's hard man
j0hn3r0x0r5: oh spare me
j0hn3r0x0r5: mr. 275 a month
j0hn3r0x0r5: 30,000 a year
ianhixxx: hey it's not always about money
j0hn3r0x0r5: middle class motherfucker
ianhixxx: just ask the guy from creed
j0hn3r0x0r5: you can buy pussy with all that money
ianhixxx: i'm joking man it's not hard at all
j0hn3r0x0r5: buy a new phone
ianhixxx: quit harrasing me for no reason, it'll happen, just chill out
ianhixxx: i'e been looking on CL etc.
ianhixxx: just had a bad experience with ebay so i dont trust buying electronics from there
j0hn3r0x0r5: listen dick
j0hn3r0x0r5: buy a new phone
j0hn3r0x0r5: you jew bastard
ianhixxx: i will
j0hn3r0x0r5: www.t-mobile.com
ianhixxx: johnny relax, i'll work it out, i need to talk to my parents about it, i'm probably going to discontinue my plan with them and gt my own, but i really haven't had time to talk with them about it because we all work so just chill out
j0hn3r0x0r5: fuck you man, buy a damn phone, be a man quit goin back to mommy and daddy
ianhixxx: you're crazy man... i like you but youre crazy
j0hn3r0x0r5: whatever man, how old are you? do you still need to borrow daddys car to you can neck a girl in the backwoods? you faggot bastard
ianhixxx: haha chill out dude you're gonna give yourself an aneurism
j0hn3r0x0r5: do you want me to kick you out of opaque again?
j0hn3r0x0r5: hit enter you pussy
ianhixxx: for a phone?
j0hn3r0x0r5: goddammit
j0hn3r0x0r5: you didnt react like i wanted you to
j0hn3r0x0r5: im tryin to antagonize you
ianhixxx: haha you should come hang out on the westcoast w me for a while
j0hn3r0x0r5: im chilled out
j0hn3r0x0r5: me and nbrendan werejust sitting here laughin
ianhixxx: we'll go to the beach and shit
ianhixxx: cold chillin
j0hn3r0x0r5: sally
ianhixxx: you just don't know what its like
j0hn3r0x0r5: ;-)
ianhixxx: aight i gotta go, I'm looking into the plan stuff on tues though just so you don't get your panties in a twist... ha ha
ianhixxx signed off at 10:39:17 PM.
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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

Time:5:41 pm.
[17:37] liquidslide01: http://www.djfamily.jp/
[17:37] liquidslide01: check his videos
[17:37] liquidslide01: japanese ghetto tech dj
[17:38] j0hn3r0x0r5: i hate asians
[17:38] liquidslide01: whatevers dood
[17:38] liquidslide01: you wish you were asian
[17:39] j0hn3r0x0r5: not really
[17:39] j0hn3r0x0r5: i mean
[17:40] j0hn3r0x0r5: i'd be more efficient, but my penis would be smaller, which i guess is the reason why youre more efficient, you gotta make do with whatcha got
[17:40] liquidslide01: oh you didn't
[17:41] j0hn3r0x0r5: arigato!
[17:41] liquidslide01: ask columbia kids
[17:41] liquidslide01: that went to manifest.
[17:41] liquidslide01: half of em seen my errected cock.
[17:41] j0hn3r0x0r5: how big your penis is?
[17:41] j0hn3r0x0r5: hahahahaha
[17:42] liquidslide01: a good size
[17:42] j0hn3r0x0r5: strong like sword
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Friday, June 9th, 2006

Subject:per brendonnas request
Time:10:23 pm.
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: shut the hell up
j0hn3r0x0r5: lemme hit it
j0hn3r0x0r5: send n00dz
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: watever
j0hn3r0x0r5: ahahaha
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: go away
j0hn3r0x0r5: you go away
j0hn3r0x0r5: go to hell!
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: ya ur not funny
j0hn3r0x0r5: you smell like tuna
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: who the hell is this
j0hn3r0x0r5: youre the one always messaging me
j0hn3r0x0r5: dumbass
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: this isny alex
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: isnt
j0hn3r0x0r5: then get off hername
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: umm no
j0hn3r0x0r5: idiot
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: im not on her name im on the internet and ur dumbass pops up
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: so go away
j0hn3r0x0r5: you smell like rotten bagel chips
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: so funny wat grade are u in like fifth
j0hn3r0x0r5: 4th
j0hn3r0x0r5: wat
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: shut up
j0hn3r0x0r5: wat?
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: jkjk
j0hn3r0x0r5: tee hee
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: i luv u!!! lol
j0hn3r0x0r5: me2
j0hn3r0x0r5: hello? who is this, sorry my friend was typing bullshit on my name when i went to get a cup of water
j0hn3r0x0r5: did they say anything stupid to you?
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: my friend was too!!!
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: yea
j0hn3r0x0r5: what happened?
j0hn3r0x0r5: send n00dz bitch
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: i dunnoooo its my cousin just talk to her...
j0hn3r0x0r5: ok
j0hn3r0x0r5: whatsup
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: i dont thinkk soo loser
j0hn3r0x0r5: what? that was my friend again sorry
j0hn3r0x0r5: he waswehbmqals
j0hn3r0x0r5: asd
j0hn3r0x0r5: mb03
j0hn3r0x0r5: q
j0hn3r0x0r5: shit, he keeps fuckin with me
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: lol
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: great well brb
j0hn3r0x0r5: let me fuck you in your ass
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: ur gay
j0hn3r0x0r5: what the fuck
j0hn3r0x0r5: sorry
j0hn3r0x0r5: he keeps takin over
AirGuTaRrOksTaR: w/e
j0hn3r0x0r5: cum on your teeth
j0hn3r0x0r5: sparkle shiney white
j0hn3r0x0r5: dumb whore bitch
j0hn3r0x0r5: cumcumcumcock
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Monday, June 5th, 2006

Subject:number 2
Time:1:29 pm.
the 2nd girl i ever slept with isnt such a great story. I was still 17, i think, and I was organizing some raver meetup and miss number 2 emailed me telling me she wanted to come because she didnt know any other ravers yet, etc etc etc. So she meets up with us and we end up going to an illegal teen club in harvey IL called rubes. the usual illegal teen club things happen, which isnt as exciting as you'd like to think, and afterward i take her home to my parents house, because she has no ride to get back up to the north side. So i put her up in my room and tell her that Im gonna go sleep in my sisters room, but she says "no, stay here" and i'm like "my parents live here too you know, i cant get caught in bed with a girl" and then we start makin out, i remember thinking how obnoxious all the goddamn candy bracelets on her arms were and slightly ripping her UFO pants when i was taking them off. I slapped on a condom (i was a vet now) and went to town, a really boring town, called hot dog down a hallway pensylvania. Yeah, that wasnt that great either. I busted my nut and left her in my room, and had to explain why a girl was sleeping in my bed in the morning to my parents and convinced em that she had no choice. im a sly dog.
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Thursday, June 1st, 2006

Subject:number one
Time:3:35 pm.
ill start, appropriately enough, with the girl i lost my virginity to. Her name was Sonja, she was a hula dancer and a graff writer that I went to highschool with. We met in freshman year english class where she constantly antagonized me for whatever reason (probably because she thought i was cute, how juvenile). We became friends because we were both writers and ended up being in a bunch of the same crews throughout our highschool years. Shortly after I met her i started dating my first real girlfriend and i didnt hangout with her as much. After that was over (and i was 17 goddamn years old) we started hanging out a bunch again and it somehow came up that she "thought" i was cute when we were freshmen, i figured "oh thats some bullshit, im gonna try to make a move on her" but this was obviously before i was the seasoned veteran that i am today so i wasnt quite smooth with her. We were laying around watching threes company and i asked her if there was room on her couch for me, she said yeah, so i went over, then i asked her if she wanted to "switch gum" (which was my sneaky way ofasking her to makeout) which suprisingly worked. we didnt get to get to it that day since my parents were comin home at 5.30 (ahh highschool) and it was gettin close to that time, so she left.
she came back the next day and wewe made sure to hurry up and start sooner. We went up to my room and right as i was about to start kissin down her neck she says to me "lets just do it". Here I am, 17 years old, and a girl is that down just to get down to it, i was kinda happy, but kinda weirded out, since she was so matter of fact about it. We get to it, i finally get to use my condom putting on skills that i'd been readin how to do since i was 15, hahaha and bam, there i go. Im figuring im gonna lats 5 minutes tops, but after 30 min, im sweating and bored and lookin at her like "really? this is what sex is like? how boring" after an hour of that i tell her im tired and shes like "yeah im good" and that was that. I never busted a nut, how dissapointing.
We had sex 2 more times after that, the 2nd time i actually finished, and it was pretty good, the 3rd time was crap, i think i gave her a complex about her sexual ability since she couldnt get me off, she even tried to show me some "joy of sex" type book while we were in borders one night which i shrugged off.
whatever, i think shes banging kanye west now, good for her.
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Wednesday, May 31st, 2006

Time:2:46 pm.
i think im gonna use this this journal to talk about the girls i've slept with. every entry being a different girl, then i can publish it and make money.


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Thursday, May 11th, 2006

Subject:summer of love 06
Time:1:08 pm.
back in the saddle, summer of love 06.

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